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Think outside your bank!

For your next mortgage

It is an easy win for homeowners to work with a licensed mortgage agent.  I offer an exceptional client experience, along with independent, unbiased, professional advice – all with one phone call.  There is no cost for you to use my services.  There are only very rare cases, in which I charge a fee.

So go ahead…think outside your Bank.

Why Choose Trisha?

Alberta and BC’s “Go-To” Mortgage Broker.

I believe that your mortgage needs to be flexible enough to handle life’s adventures.   Many people don’t anticipate that they may need to make a change mid way through their mortgage term when they buy a home.  It is an exciting time and there is lots going on. But life happens. Kids happen. Work happens. Stuff happens. You can see a lot of change in five years so your mortgage needs to be nimble.  Anyone can get you a great rate. The key is to understand that great rate. That is where an experienced agent (me) comes into the picture.  Sometimes, that ultra low rate is the right product.  If it is, I will ensure that you are armed with the right information so you have no surprises down the road.  I like to have a comprehensive discussion and develop a plan to structure your mortgage and finances so you understand your cash flow and mortgage terms.

It is important to know that what you want to spend each month and what a bank will lend you are different numbers.  Often dramatically different. Hint…the banks will give you a lot of money.  This is important stuff  to think about as you decide how much you can afford. Do you ski?  Mountain bike?  Travel?  Plan to start a family or go back to school?  These are all important factors in your personal affordability. If you are shopping for a rate to use with your bank,  remember that I offer great rates from the start. But consider this when deciding who to work with: I will be here with you when your mortgage comes up for renewal. This is my business and I am invested in my community. I have been here for the long term and will continue to provide guidance down the road.  You become my client for life!